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Omg guyssss just had the most stressful week ever with 3 exams in 3 days.

Legit barely had any sleep at all, my eyebags are massive right now. SO TIRED. Usually I get at least 6 hours sleep but I got like…close to none. And my exams were all at 9:30AM, so that meant I had to wake up at 7:00AM to get there on time. Sigh. Completely dead.

But on the brightside, only 1 exam to go and then it’s hello, Korea! yaaaaaaay.

Just thought I’d do this quick update, cause time to play.


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16°C: First Day of Semester 2

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So, to -cough- celebrate the start of Semester 2 of University, I bring you a long overdue photo fashion post! But, only one picture came out okay.

Outerwear: Random asymmetric grey cardigan / Top: Starry sheer top (with thermal top underneath), Cotton On, $35 $10 / Shorts: Pale pink ‘San Francisco’ shorts, Levi’s, $15 (on sale) / Black Tights / Shoes: Low-tops with odd shoelaces (DIY), Converse / Floral laces from Art Box / Chunky Necklace from Colette

Quick post, I’m exhausted LOL.

Overall, it was probably too cold to be wearing this later in the day. When it was sunny/when I was indoors, it was okay. But…

16 degrees celcius: Sheer top + Thermal top + Shorts + Tights = unsure.

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