New Layout!

Posted on 29-11-2014 | Tags: , , ,

Hello guys, as you may have noticed, I have given the site a big revamp! This is scheduled for Sunday morning because I was up at 3am fixing it, which is way too late for an update.

Basically cleaned up the code and made everything a little more modern… I really liked the old layout but I think this is easier to read with the nicer and bigger font Clearly, it has a lot of the elements of the old layout… like the scalloped edges ’cause I love scalloped edges and I need my twitter & Youtube Channel Header to all match up somehow.

This layout took me ages because it’s like 90% code, rather than images, because I wanted to practice my coding again. Big thank you to my brother for helping me out with the code when it didn’t want to do what I wanted it to.

I’ve also added a new page with my videos on it, a much needed update. You can click on it and watch the videos straight from the site if you want, remember to ‘thumbs up’ if you liked the video though!

So that was my Saturday LOL. I actually have so many things I want to do this holidays, so I’m glad to tick this off the list of stuff to do. Tomorrow I’m hoping to film a video and maybe make a move on in regards to my Google Adwords Certificate

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