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Posted on 29-06-2017

Hi everyone, it has been a while yet again. I thought I would do a good ol’ fashioned life update blog post today because… well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been literally, utterly and completely free.

I recently completed my final exams. Which means I will hopefully be graduating from my 5.5 year Commerce/Law degree! How freaking crazy is that? Like, actually. Like I feel so old and uni seemed to fly by. Its all very weird. My life seems to be divided into chunks – Primary School, High School, Uni (CCA), Uni (KIMBAP), Uni (just uni) and now… I’m in that weird period between study and work.

I’ve been enjoying my freedom by catching up with people after my massive hibernation study period, attempting water colour painting, working and playing video games lol. I am utterly addicted to a base building survival game called Rimworld. I’ve also been keeping up with my current favourite anime/manga, Boku No Hero, which is the PERFECT superhero manga. I think I love it so much because when I was young I used to write stories about like highschools for the gifted where the students all have superpowers LOL. This manga does it perfectly, with just the right amount of battle, struggle, good morals about working hard and being a good person, cool superpowers, a tinge of romance, worldbuilding and character building. Idk, I think I’m the only one I know that loves it to this extent HAHAHA. I’ve also gotten into Big Bang Theory, although I am super late to the series. Somehow I’ve caught up though.

Anyway let’s get back to the serious stuff. As you all know, I am a very anxious person. I worry a lot about my future and the future in general, but at the same time I kind of love thinking and planning. I am fortunate because my current firm has a place for me after graduation, so I will not be jobless and I actually have Practical Legal Training lined up for the next half year at the firm, as well as a grad job next year (hopefully they’ll still want me by then though :P) where I will officially be a lawyer!! I’m so lucky, because I actually enjoy the work, the people are nice, I love when I see my work being used or when I can use the stuff I’ve learned at uni in real life. When I apply it I kind of feel like a video game character gaining EXP… yeah ok I’ll stop being a dweeb now lol. JUST KIDDING I’LL NEVER STOP

So, I’m taking a two week break at the moment (working one or two days a week) until my PLT starts in July. I finish PLT in November.

And then, in December Bryan and I are going to Japan again LOL. Even though we have been before, I love Japan and want to see Hokkaido and Harry Potter World so we are going back. I do want to go to the US or Europe but it is a bit too costly at the moment. Maybe in the future that can be a thing. I’m kind of excited since I didn’t get to go overseas at all last year. Instead of buying lucky bags this time, it’s going to be a food adventure so I can’t wait!

I never did finish posting my Japan blogs from last time. It seems a little too late to do them now. Iuno, maybe I’ll just post them anyway. I kind of hate the watermarks I added to all the pictures but I also sort of like how obnoxiously large they are compared to the photos themselves, because if you ever did see a google image from Daydreamt, you know where to find it. We will see.

Night x

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